Frozen Packaging

A truly Eco-friendly cardboard cold chain food transport box

We have successfully developed a packaging material with honeycomb corrugated cardboard covered with aluminum foil. After testing, the packaging box with honeycomb corrugated cardboard covered with aluminum foil can maintain a low temperature of less than 4 degrees within 48 hours. The thermal insulation function basically replaces the traditional foam incubator (non recyclable and non degradable), and the material degradation rate can reach more than 95%, providing a real environmental protection solution for food cold chain transportationOptimizing Cold Chain Packaging

Tonton will work with your team to analyze your current packaging setup and perform a number of tests to offer the optimal packaging solution.
Our packaging experts can help your packers optimize your packaging without compromising the quality.

Step #1

Customer Request

Current packaging configuration is shared, including container type, packaging applications, and cooling materials.

Step #2

Packaging Development

Ranpak engineers prepare packaging designs based on customer specifications, developing solutions that are as efficient as possible based on the requirements.

Step #3

Climate Room Testing

Ranpak’s climate room is able to replicate the temperature and humidity of any environment that a package will encounter, directly comparing the performance of different applications under the same conditions.

Step #4

Solutions Delivered

TonTon presents the most effective packaging designs from testing to the customer, demonstrating the test results as well as sharing the recommended packaging techniques, box configurations, and cold packs for optimal performance.




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