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TONTON Printing & Packaging is a leading manufacturer specialized in customization of skincare, cosmetic and rigid gift box packaging for 20 years. We have the most excellent service team, with professional, prompt and patient reply, fast delivery and high quality products, to win lots of customers all around the world . In the new market environment, we’ll continue to explore new packaging materials and technological innovation, committed to meet customer’s need and reflect product value at the lowest cost.

     Our factory has currently equipped with the most advanced printing machines: two new Heidelberg CP2000 split 5-color and four-open 5-color printing machine, as well as automatic laminating machine, fully automatic UV coating machine, fully automatic paper kneading machine and so on fully automatic advanced printing and post-processing equipment. We own 4 automatic cardboard gift box molding lines and 4 manual production lines, combining automatic equipment and manual to form a more flexible production line,to meet the different demands of various batches of products.

     We pay attention to the protection of the environment and have strong capabilities of development in new products and structure. We have cooperated with several universities and research institutes in China,And thanks to the leading product technology and stable quality, we have won unanimous reputation from domestic and foreign customers.

     In future, we will continue to work hard to improve the quality of products, enhance our services and create greater value for our customers!

Company Profile


                    Event:Guangdong Heyi Green Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd.,Hexing Holdings

                    Nature:Green Packaging Custom Service

                    Place:Dongguan Fenggang Town Tiantangwei Farmers Industrial Zone


                    Event:Tonton opened the second Alibaba International Station Wangpu

                    Nature:Main foreign trade gift packaging services

                    Place:Dongguan Fenggang Town Tiantangwei Farmers Industrial Zone


                    Event:Hexing and Tonton merge, Hexen Holdings

                    Nature:Main domestic and foreign trade high-end gift box packaging personalized custom service

                    Place:Dongguan Fenggang Town Tiantangwei Farmers Industrial Zone


                    Event:Shenzhen Tonton Printing & Packaging Co., Ltd.

                    Nature:Main foreign trade gift packaging services (foreign trade)

                    Place:Shenzhen Hualong Guanlan Herui Science and Technology Park


                    Event:Shenzhen Hexing Creative Printing & Packaging Co., Ltd.

                    Nature:Focus on high-end gift box packaging personalized custom service (domestic trade)

                    Place:Longhua, Shenzhen



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